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The creation of a new paradigm for performance psychology

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

What's in a name? Well, the very essence of what we do, of course. Paradigm shifts can facilitate branding changes.

The evolution from "Sport Psychology" to "Sport & Exercise Psychology" was long and perhaps even "over-considered". At the time, my thinking was that the identity that we had forged while growing the literature relating to the psychology of sport meant that it was not appropriate to widen the brand to include the catch all term "performance".

Is it time to consider a change?

“Does the adoption and further development of the Cognitive Fitness Framework provide an opportunity to take another evolutionary step in Australian Sport Psychology?”

Given the current progress in the review of registration standards being conducted by PsyBA, we have it on very solid ground that credentialing for the Areas of Practice Endorsement will be completely rebuilt. Standards for "specialist registration / endorsement" will be significantly raised, if not significantly re-drawn. This process will be commenced in 2022. The review of fundamental registration standards is currently at drafting status.

Point of Difference

There is litte doubt that the very existence of several of the current APS Colleges (PsyBA AOPEs) is under threat. Many advocacy activities are attempting to align service standards across specialist groups in an effort to share in higher rebate levels created as part of the "2 Tier" system created in the Medicare system. The argument that a College / specialist group is the same yet different is dangerous in the AOPE Review.

The future of recognised specialities lives in being able to establish a "Point of Difference". The potential "need" for rebranding of Sport Psychology in this process provides a different driver for the consideration of a new industry sub-group name.

I am not simply advocating a name change to something like "Performance Psychology", as such a move could be seen by PsyBA as confusing to the market, as selling out the previous marketing / branding / heritage of the profession, and possibly a "little too convenient".

CF2 - a new paradigm

“A new identity driven by a better overview concept of what we do.”

"Cognitively Fit" presents a significant point of view change, one that can be fairly readily adopted / embraced by a community looking for a cause & effect based set of rules, drills, skills, and understandings to make their life easier and simpler to understand. A "cognitive psychologist" seems far too tautological. Mental trainer slips back into the mud. Cognitive Fitness Manager? Advisor?

The CF2 Project has many potential repercussions.

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