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The Future - more paradigm shifts

CF2 Future.jpg

What does the Future hold?


First we’ll see a push integrating body & brain sensors, with action logging, to enable real-time, unobtrusive measurement beyond physiology: wearable systems are moving to fusing the biomarker data such as HR, EMG, EEG, eye-blinks, skin conductance with embedded action loggers tracking RTs, error rates, voice pitch, haptic pressure, keystroke cadence & other markers of cognitive capacity to track the operator’s functional state. 

We will also see exponential growth in the Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality applications – both for training and assessment scenarios.


All of that has to be backed up by serious data fusion capability at multiple time scales, plus data mining and machine learning to complement, and ultimately replace the conventional psychometrics.


And most importantly, systematic evidence base will be built with validation of the new methods, from sensor systems to the protocols deploying them. So, we are witnessing a ground swell of new applications that make measurable improvement in cognitive fitness a realistic proposition.

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