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What Psychological Skills Load on the Modules?

The modules were identified as a simple way for us to deal with the 20+ CF2 sub-factors. This project was not scoped to address each CF2 sub factor as a seperate module.

That work can be left for future expansion.Clearly we are breaking the back of that bigger project with the research and preparation work we are currently involved in. When I make the comment that some material may be "left on the cutting room floor" in this application (web site & app), I am referring to material that be too detailed, too specific to certain CF2 sub-factors (eg Autonomous vehicle control - "operator sensing autonomy") for our current needs.

The establishment of the modules is not coming from the perspective of "which areas of psychology does this relate to?" It is a bigger question than "which psychological skills subtend this module?"

Yes, the drills and skills that will live under the modules need to be identified, and by definition, some of the classic skill training areas will be utilised in multiple modules, but the modules are not defined by the psychological skills training areas. They are defined by the CF2 sub-factors that have been aligned under the 4 module names.

Understanding the logic behind that alignment is part of the challenge of getting our heads around the overall project. If you like, the modules are 4 major constructs, each comprised of a collection of sub-factors, each one of those a multi-factorial construct in itself.

By using 4 "major constructs", we are attempting to simplify the CF2 as a training technology. In the long term, this body of work will be very lengthy and very detailed. Have look at Gerry Fogarty's "Non-Technical Skills" mania; to get an idea of what the CF2 "Manual" will eventually look like.

On Crampton 2 you can download a .pptx file of the above page. There is a interesting exercise that could be done with your teams to "allocate" the various psychological skills training areas to the 4 modules. Its a powerpoint file, so the individual psych skills areas can be clicked & dragged to new locations. You will find that if you do this that you will need to duplicate a number of the areas in order to allocate them to multiple module homes.

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