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Principles Underlying the CoSEP CF2 Project

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

It is relatively easy during the researching/compiling/writing phase of the project to become fully engrossed in detailed lines of enquiry. In fact,I would hope that is happening!

We need to develop some systems to facilitate "checking back in" with the overall aims of the project. The idea would be to provide a way to ask the question - "is this line of enquiry worth pursuing fully, or is it an interesting connection that we may not need to fully exercise under the current aims & objectives?"

Let's review some of the fundamental ideas behind the CF2 Project:

- the project was originally aimed at facilitating the "Tokyo campaign recovery" of the cohort of athletes and officials who's preparation for Tokyo 2020 was adversely affected by COVID (I will lodge on this site a couple of documents that predicted the kind of emotional / lifestyle disruptions such athletes were facing)

- the Australian Olympic Committee supported the concept but were unable to match/adapt their infrastructure to several aspects of the delivery of the project outcomes - most notably they were not in a position to "manage" or "directly influence" the majority of athletes who had not as yet come under their contractual arrangements

- the CF2 offered paradigms and potential protocols that could be turned into training programs and support services for these athletes once they switched back on to their final preparation campaigns

- the assumption was that all athletes accessing the CF2 set of resources would in fact come from a range of preparation support programs - loosely defined as "transitioning international junior-senior competitors", our target market would not be seeking a "psychology 101" solution

- the CF2 Project deliverables were to be aimed at targeting gaps in those athletes' final preparation, and to facilitate their accessing support services, training drills, and topic related information in final stages of deployment - in short a "psych in a phone app" supported by other online resources

Solving the world's problems "a bite at a time"

Desmond Tutu was purportedly once asked “How do you eat an elephant?" His answer famously was "One bite at a time". We have not been funded to create the ultimate, all encompassing, "accompany you from start to end of your career" resource. There is time to expand to that.

The CF2 Project is fundamentally about demonstrating that we can use the paradigm of "bridging the gap between mental health and performance psychology" within the context of a career pinnacle deployment cycle to create a support resource that will have a positive impact on the majority of those involved.

What are the Principles?

Let's see if we can agree on a few simple statements that encompass the principles behind this current project. The aim would be to provide a simple checklist that will allow us to resolve questions about whether items should be included and to what extent they should be pursued.

Compile the Content, Be Creative in Producing a System for Individuals to Find their own Solutions

Our experience creates our "point of difference.” Any of us can write content at this level. What we are trying to do is create a new solution that facilitates an individual becoming more independent at a time of heightened vulnerability - when we have little control of the system resources / distractions that are in operation.

It would be major achievement if we can produce a support system

- that assumes no prior learning (but builds on a career of experience),

- that gains a "wow factor" courtesy of being delivered via an app

- that has a strong electronic, online (web) support base that is not challenged by need for space or brevity

- that is able to deliver answers, reminders, drills and reassurance in keeping with individuals needs & interests

- that is able to monitor an individual's sense of coping / wellbeing while assisting them to maintain their focus while in final deployment

Project Parameters

It is our challenge to make a future for this concept. Whilst the current scope of research and writing is un-bounded, we will by definition need to focus down on the extent of the final solution. What is left out of the app finds a home in the web site. The app will be driven by a "chat-bot" style of concierge. How are you today? What do you need to focus on today? What can / do we need to sharpen up right now? The question is - will our content be able to provide answers to such questions?

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