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Compulsory Viewing & Therefore Billable

Eugene has been asked to contribute a presentation to the Biometrics Conference in California this week, and so we have been putting together a CoSEP Annual Conference style pre-recorded video to send over.

The draft version that is available in the presentations section here is adequate for our purposes, and so is available for your review this morning. In project terms, it is compulsory viewing for you and your team and is therefore a billable activity.

In the presentation Eugene draws together the various research streams that are coming together in the CF2 work in a way I have not heard yet. You will gain a far better understanding of where the CoSEP-Australian Army Project fits into the body of work.

Some careful listening will also reveal some of the considerations we will include in selecting which issues see the light of day in the website and in the app.

I commend the draft video to you and have made it available today in the event that you may have some time to view it today. I would recommend its distribution to your team members and/or usage in a team discussion.

You may like to start a forum line of discussion on any comments or insights that arise from your review.

To reiterate the point I have made to some of you in relation to the first serious round of service invoicing, it is essential that we are all "on the same page" when it comes to being "read in" or "briefed" on the project. Therefore, your research "allocations" include the reviewing of resources that appear on this site. Viewing time, associated discussions and compilation activity is billable at your research / admin rate.

We will discuss the "gamification" of issues in a module leaders meeting very soon. Required viewing for that meeting will include this presentation, Murat Yucel's presentation, and the presentation from Tasmania Uni from the DHSS conference - all available in the presentations tab.


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