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Coaching Creativity - Should we be worried?

I need to raise a development in Canberra that has some concerns for our ongoing efforts as a profession. At the same time, it provides some considerable context for the CF2 Project. I have some mixed feelings about a program that from what I can see started last year as something of a COVID initiative.

It would appear that a number of coaches from a number of sports were introduced to a program emanating from Cirque de Soleil in Canada. It is being touted as a means of training / enhancing a generic "creativity" skill / tendency among these coaches to take into their programming.

The initiative is coming from a commission group headed up by Sydney Beach Volleyball Gold Medallist Natalie Cook. I have included 2 presentations relating to the program on this site. Source of the ideas is a French-Canadian academic who did her research & development work around the famous Cirque de Soleil athlete sport system.

Frances and I are long term students and advocates of the work that CdS does, and I am well aware of the fact that they produce "performers" who control high standards of output twice a day over 3-4 month seasons. This is very different to the more typical sport version of "peak for one race' every x months.

I will leave you to watch the videos - not compulsory viewing at present, and by the time you listen to the intro on video 2, you will be starting to ask the same questions I am - who decided that such a concept was to be adopted across the system?

The first presentation is about the current application of the "coaching creativity" program from the recent World Class to World Best conference. If you get through it and hear about football codes warming up with the lights out while their players are dancing........

In the light of this kind of "new age" acceptance and adoption, I think we need to quickly and strongly position the CF2 as the new model of psychological input in sport. Look for another blog tomorrow with detail about what the AIS Gold Medal Program is doing for psychological preparation for Tokyo.


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