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CF2 Project Website Specifications

The division of the CF2 model into "modules" is aimed at facilitating the presentation of the CF2 concept in this early stage of evolution. To attempt to detail all of the identified sub-components of the model is far beyond the needs of a "proof of concept" demo.

For example, it could be argued that "Self-Awareness" warrants a stand alone treatment. And it will - somewhere down the line. If we were to attempt to align psychological skills training areas under the "cognitive primaries", there would no doubt be multiple cross-overs. This has never worried me.

Using the module approach, we will gain an adequate coverage of the cognitive primaries. I suspect that we / you won't be able to cover all of them as you might feel needed. The target is to be able to represent a training initiative with online resources that will inform the development of the Cognitive Gym programming.

The website section of the presentation of this "proof of concept" I am currently proposing will look like this:

1 - a cover page with a simple graphic and a Member Log in field

2 - a page explaining what CF2 is

3 - a concierge function

4 - 4 x main pages (Self-Belief, Composure, Resilience & Recovery, Mission Ready) that set out succinctly / in "plain english" what each area entails

5 - a member profile page

6 - a member "how to use this site" / "How this all works" page

7 - a section about learning to be an elite athlete

8 - a section informing about how to go about training in CF2 modules - scheduling, developing standard practice routines

9 - 4 x sections that spin off from the module "home pages" that allow more detail, training programs, drills, checklists, games, recommended apps, etc

10 - a section that focuses on "deployment thinking" / the periodisation of training across a campaign period

11 - an interactive section that will be labelled "My Program", or "My System", or similar

12 - athlete stories - text, video, online references

13 - videos

14 - quotes

15 - info graphics

16 - definitions & glossary

17 - links

I will have this mocked up very soon, so that you will be able to see how the site flows, and also, as Eugene has indicated, that you will be able to place draft copies of your materials "up" on the pages (called "populating" the pages).

This will make it easier to see what we've got to work with, what might be missing, etc. I think we will also get quite creative in using some cross-overs, links, and training program initiatives.

Hopefully this will help further clarify your writing targets / projects.

The next blog will be moving to the idea of evaluating training programs / the cognitive primaries - and will include the exercise that Eugene referred to with word pairs.


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