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Focus for Success - Nideffer

Introduction to the CD

Introduction to the Games Chapter - note the use of Cognitive Gym style terminology

The Drag Race - simple reaction time with variable timing - requiring patience and an extended Narrow External focus, then pure "read & react"

Gopher Broke - a vigilance / time stressed broad external overload game - requires development of a routine - broad external before select last answer, natural narrow external followed by narrow internal (as visual trace is held), or broad internal (as internal debate "what was that?" goes on) 

Shooting Gallery - reaction time game requiring a Broad External overload, also requiring "staying out of your head" as long as possible and not reacting (by going back into your head) to the messages that appear at the bottom of the screen - any loss of external focus (to internal focus or self-talk) will leave you playing "catch up"

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