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CF2 Project Vision
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We are pushing new boundaries to integrate thinking from high-performance sport, the arts, and emergency services with industry knowledge about the preparation for performance under demand..

Our approach combines cutting edge science with expert practitioners’ wisdom to produce a step change in training programs to prepare individuals and teams to perform under pressure in high-stakes operational environments

These innovative training programs will inform new approaches and nuances in preparing individuals to perform with minimal decrement under demand.

The Cognitive Fitness Framework (CF2)
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CF2 is rapidly expanding into applications well beyond sport and exercise - firefighters, paramedics and other first responders, to performing arts, law enforcement and the military.


These user groups share a common focus on striving for superior performance in real-time tasks under stressful conditions. What it takes to sustain performance under pressure is remarkably common across these occupations.


And these factors go beyond mere ‘wellness’ (i.e., the absence of pathology) and include – apart from knowledge and skills – a range of ‘capacity’ factors, such as strength, endurance, and flexibility, that are best summarized by the concept of ‘fitness’. Fitness to perform under pressure in high-stakes contexts.

The Cognitive Gym &
Training Programs
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We integrate best practice solutions from high-performance sport and other performance environments. Our solutions combine knowledge, practice drills, routines, performance monitoring, and portable training capabilities.

The implementation of CF2 principles is moderated by the application of a series of filters that assess the efficacy of training interventions.


There are many industries looking to adopt the ideas and practices that are emanating from the CF2 paradigms.

Paradigm Shifts

& Leadership

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